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A stacker is a mechanical transportation device designated for transporting and piling cargoes at the warehouse. Stackers are equipped with the special mechanism that allows lifting the cargoes to the predefined height. They were developed on the basis of the work principles of the existing forklift trucks that also pile, move and lift required cargoes. This compact transport is irreplaceable during the loading and unloading works at the warehouse or enterprise. It does not require much space. At the same time, it is stable and exhibits large turning angle. If used correctly, it is the irreplaceable assistant in the rooms will limited space and in the narrow aisles between the racks (the minimum width of the passage must be equal to at least 2 meters. Stackers are very widespread. They are used in ports, at the railway stations, in airports, warehouses, and plants. Stackers at the warehouse significantly simplify the loading and unloading works, using them provides large temporal savings.

Application of stackers

Stackers became well knows thanks to several advantages compared to other warehouse equipment:

  • Relatively low price;
  • Maneuverability in the very limited space;
  • High carrying capacity.

All of these are significant benefits of this type of equipment. There is a huge selection of models that allows you to choose exactly what you need. The choice of the equipment depends on the required operations, in which the device will participate. Stackers allowed replacing the bulky equipment used earlier. Thanks to their technical capabilities and construction, they can pick up the goods themselves, place them on the pallet and then transport them on the predefined distance or move from one place to another carefully and fast and, if needed, lift to the required height. Convenient and mobile stacker can enter any narrow passage between the equipment. At the same time, the goods will stay safe.

All models of stackers have their intended use. They are reliable to operate and provide substantial cost savings. The choice of a particular model depends on the technological capabilities and planned operations. Depending on the goals, there is always something to choose.

The types of modern stackers

All loading and unloading vehicles generally referred to as stackers can be classified in the following way according to their construction:

Hydraulic stackers

Based on the drive they are divided into hand gear or treadle. Some of them are equipped with the device that allows smoothly putting the goods on the floor. A stacker of this type is capable of transporting the goods with the weight from 0.5 to 2 tons. As well, it can lift the goods to the height of up to three meters. It has some limitations in terms of muscle force. These stackers are used to service a warehouse with small volumes. The price for this type of lift trucks is not high and lucrative. Therefore, they are widespread and bought often. Hand geared hydraulic stackers are easy to control and do not require any special training; hydraulic carts can also be classified as this type of equipment. They are capable of lifting the goods up to three meters high. They are usually classified as stacking equipment. There is no need to buy fuel or charge batteries, which is also a benefit of using them. The intensity of use in this case is constrained by the physical ability of the worker to perform the task.

Electric stackers

These models are equipped with electric gear responsible for lifting and lowering cargoes. These are the so-called stackers of the self-moving type. They may be equipped with a folded footboard or a standing place for the operator. As well, they can be equipped with a seat for the worker. The maximum speed of the electric stacker does not exceed 9 km/h.

The self-moving carts of this type also include:

  • Pallet trucks;
  • Electric carts;
  • Order pickers.

A common electric stacker can lift the goods to the height of not more than 6 meters. While its carrying capacity reaches 1.5 tons. However, there are models with the carrying capacity of up to 5 tons.

These stackers are used for working in the warehouses with high racks. Usually, these warehouses have large areas. The price of this type of warehouse equipment is affordable and depends on the brand and model. The equipment pays back fast thanks to decreasing the warehouse logistics costs by optimizing it. If needed you can also request any information from the experts of our sales and maintenance department. Warehouse stackers are reliable and do not require significant future costs for maintenance and repairs.

Besides self-moving electric stackers, there are also manual stackers with the electric drive of the lifting unit, which are also characterized be the carrying capacity of 1.5 tons and the fork lifting height of up to 3 meters.

Self-moving stackers with the footboard are not inferior to the manual ones in terms of technical features. However, thanks to the footboard, they can be used more intensively as the operator gets less tired when working.

Stackers equipped by the special operator cabs increase the efficiency several times. These devices can move with the speed up to 11 km/h. The load on the operator decreases because of the seat. This type of equipment is used at the warehouses with large volumes of work and an average height of racks. They do not require additional physical efforts and are easy to control.

There are also special stackers for narrow aisles and the demand of customers for them is increasing due to their efficiency of operations in narrow inter-rack space. They fully justify themselves in the warehouses with narrow aisles and high load. The construction of this equipment allows gripping the pallet on the both sides simultaneously and rotate the mast by 180 degrees. This reduces the time for additional stacker's movement.

Many companies use altitude stackers, the so-called reach trucks. They are equipped with the system of a telescopic mast. Therefore, the cargo can be lifted higher. The operation principle of hoisting cranes employed here. Depending on the model, the goods with the weight of up to 2.5 tons can be lifted to the height of up to 13 meters. These stackers are usually popular in the large logistics and warehouse centers (ports, railway stations, distributors' warehouses etc.). This equipment pays back due to saving the space by increasing the height of the racks structures. It is somewhat more expensive to buy a stacker of this type, however, it justifies the investment with the quality of work and complete safety.

All aforementioned types of stackers can also be classified in terms of their properties and features:

Buy a stacker at Avtoprommarket company

In order to buy a stacker, you can simply leave a request on our website or contact our managers using the free phone number 8(800)250-10-77. They will select the model for you according to the predefined parameters, will share with you all details and specifics to make the final decision about the stacker brand and model and finally deliver it directly to your warehouse as soon as possible. We also have our own repair workshop for warehouse and loading equipment, in addition, we offer guarantee services.

  • Regarding the type of the device responsible for lifting the goods, there is the equipment with common hydraulic system, with hand hydraulic drive and with electromechanical drive;
  • In terms balancing, either counterbalance is used (rarely), or the supporting consoles, located under the fork are employed;
  • In terms of the mechanical movement drives, there are manual and self-driven models
  • In terms of the stacker control while movement, there can be models with a folded footboard or operator's cab or without them;
  • The loading can be made from the front or from the side;
  • In terms of the lifting mechanism, the fork can be with free lifting or without it. In some models, it is not present at all. They are designed only for transporting the goods, not for lifting them.


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