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Order pickers

Order pickers

Irrespective of the type of business activity, order pickers are often a rather significant part of expenses of any large enterprise. The optimization of the work process plays an important role, affecting the efficiency and quality of work processes. Under conditions when it is necessary to store bulky goods or goods with nonstandard dimensions, the choice of order pickers is the optimum one. These mechanisms are able to ensure the required working speed without risking the shutdown or line overload. An order picker makes the hand processing easier and significantly decreases the time of assembling orders. The automation of the work process positively affects not only the quality of the work but also the activity of the enterprise on the whole.

The main features of order pickers

The construction specifics of order pickers allow using them for solving numerous problems. The simplicity of control, comfort of operation, high lifting capacity (from 0.7 to 1.5 tons) increase the efficiency when assembling orders of any volume. Nowadays the consumer may choose between two main types of order pickers, vertical and horizontal modifications.

Vertical mechanisms

In the first case, the order picker is used for picking the goods located on shelves. In the process of work, the operator can reach the required level and work on the shelving without the need to move the pallet with goods. These order pickers may integrate both the platform for the assembled order and the cargo fork to perform the work operations. The use of this type of order picker is reasonable for the shelves up to 5 meters high.

The equipment includes the electric drive for moving the platform with the operator. The goods are moved by manual or electric drive of the leading wheels. The electric modifications of order pickers are the most efficient ones in the process of lifting and lowering the construction. The access to the required storage cell in this case is ensured by the diagonal movement. Thanks to the unusual maneuverability and ease of operation vertical order pickers may be included in the list of the most efficient mechanisms used at the modern warehouses.

Horizontal mechanisms

The most important specifics of the horizontal order pickers are the following: the ability to move fast around the warehouse, high maneuverability, and the operator's cabin. Convenient horizontal order pickers are highly efficient devices, thanks to which an employee is able to pick the required good and assemble the order at a large warehouse.

Order pickers are equipped with a powerful fork for working with pallets, on which the order has already been assembled. The construction specifics of these order pickers allow moving up to three pallets simultaneously. The ability of the mechanism to reach the height up to 15 meters is the convenience of work for the operator. The modern modifications of order pickers may be complemented with a towed device and are able to move up to 4000 kg in one operation.

Additional types of order pickers classifications

Order pickers can be also classified as high-level and low-level models. In the first case, the goods located on one level (up to 1 meter) take part in the process. The specifics of high-level order pickers allow working with products located on different layers, both vertically and horizontally. Some types of modern order pickers are also able to ensure fast working speed moving diagonally.

In terms of the movement type the order pickers can be self-moving or adapted for the operator work. The last type is the most demanded and convenient to use.

The following advantages are the main benefits of order pickers:

  • ensuring direct access to any cargo on the shelving irrespective of its dimensions, shape and weight;
  • the mobility of order pickers;
  • easy to work with the shelving of any width and depth;
  • the possibility of optimizing the shelving system into a single construction;
  • possibility to use the free space between the shelves according to the enterprise's needs.

Irrespective of the purpose, order pickers are characterized by small dimensions, which makes using them convenient when working in small rooms and narrow passages.

Where can a warehouse order picker be used

Order picker is the equipment facilitating the processing of goods traffic and timely allocation of large commodity volumes to orders. The use of such device in warehouse and enterprises decreases the logistics costs, increases the efficiency of warehouse complex operations irrespective of its size. The electric order picker is widely used for assembling orders with products located on different shelves of the rack and even in different parts of the warehouse.

Using order pickers is especially relevant in the case of high lease and warehouse maintenance costs.  Taking into account the fact that the optimum option for reducing the costs if the construction of mezzanines (multi-level warehouse systems ensuring spatial savings), the use of order pickers is the best way to process the goods located on different levels. Automation of the orders assembling process significantly simplifies and facilitates working with orders and creates the best conditions even if the mezzanines are 4 meters high and more.

It is worth highlighting that order pickers are characterized by the high safety level. Irrespective of the model, the device integration always includes catchers, stoppers, stabilizers and other systems ensuring the comfort and convenience of work.

Where and how to buy an order picker

Avtoprommarket company offers its clients high-level and low-level order pickers of various modifications. A wide range of available offers, comfortable price, and sale terms allow buying warehouse equipment and obtaining several additional benefits. The following benefits are available when working with us:

  • Buying an order picker in our shop you can significantly increase the efficiency of your enterprise;
  • depending on your requirements, you can buy both vertical and horizontal models with us;
  • the products of our company are highlighted by high quality of assembly and fully complies with the established safety standards;
  • all goods are supplied with a warranty, which makes the purchase and further maintenance of devices an economically profitable decision.

The order pickers presented in the website catalog will become an efficient tool in the warehouse when transporting the goods irrespective of their weight, dimensions and package type. The use of an order picker will ensure high efficiency of all work stages. The wide range of offers, affordable prices, and perfect purchase conditions made for the comfort of our clients will make cooperation with us profitable, convenient and efficient. You can inquire the technical features of the models of order pickers and other information, as well as place an order with the delivery by contacting the manager at the website.

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