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Reach trucks

Reach trucks

The correct processing of warehouses tasks requires regular use of complex warehouse equipment with a full set of functions. The warehouse employees use automatic and semi-automatic machines in their work. The reach trucks hold an important position among them. Reach trucks are considered to be one of the most complex types of equipment. They are dealing with heavy load lifting, transporting and stockpiling of goods. The loading mechanism of the device is made in the form of a fork. It easily adapts to the different types of goods and is equipped with telescopic chassis that provides good balance and allows solving the tasks in the more flexible way.

Reach truck loader works on the basis of the electric drive mechanism. The telescopic part of the device may reach the length of 1200mm. Reach trucks are often used as the most advanced analog of stackers. The efficiency of the device is much higher than the work of several counterparts. Therefore, the reach trucks are becoming more demanded equipping warehouses. The purchase of several machines of this type fully replaces a whole park of equipment for servicing the whole warehouse.

Distinctive features and competitive advantages of reach trucks

Compared to the standard models of stackers, reach trucks are moving faster. They allow saving the employees time as they no longer have to select the equipment for fulfilling one or another task and do not waste time for changing the machines. Besides, it is no longer needed to teach the staff to work with several types of machines. One universal device is capable of solving the whole range of production tasks.

The next specifics of the equipment are its high effectiveness. Compared to the diesel of petrol equipment, reach trucks are several times cheaper to operate. It is not producing any noise, which helps to establish the optimum work conditions at the warehouse with high acoustics. Besides maneuverability, reach trucks can also be equipped with additional tools to add extra functions.

It is most profitable to operate reach trucks at the sites up to 500 sq. meters and maximum height up to 11-12000mm. At the same time, the equipment is characterized by high passability. Where a common loader cannot work, a reach truck will perfectly fit. The distance between the racks for the comfortable work should be at least 2700mm. Compared to reach trucks, the passability of the traditional model of the loader required at least 3300mm.

The operation principle and purchase of the warehouse equipment

High-altitude reach truck works at different stages of loading and unloading of cargoes. The mechanism is located at the goods acceptance area, captures the goods with fork adapters, lifts to the required height and moves to the designated point in the warehouse. The positioning of the container into the required cell is made mainly not due to the incline but with the help of the special telescopic device, which slowly fixes the cargo in the cavity. In order to take the container from the cell, reach trucks approach the platform, locate the fork at the required angle and capture the goods due to the careful incline.

The users and buyers of these machines often have reasonable questions regarding the stability of the device. Different from alternative devices with strong counterbalance, reach trucks are equipped with the center of gravity located in-between the two parts of the construction - the supporting consoles. The balance of the reach truck and the cargo thus leading to the high stability level. The price of reach trucks is relatively high. Not every warehouse can afford it. However, the practice proves the high reliability, efficiency and fast payback on this purchase. Therefore, the commercial market players often pay attention to the new equipment of this segment.

It is worth mentioning that it is most profitable to buy a reach truck directly at the production plant. Domestic enterprises almost do not produce warehouse equipment in the full integration. The most affordable price option can be found at the official dealer's warehouse. The lifetime of a reach truck is 10-12 years. During this time the equipment will pay back fully and will allow you to increase the profitability of your business. You can inquire the information regarding the purchase of a particular model directly on the supplier's website on the internet.

Technical aspects of the construction and operation of the warehouse loading equipment

Reach trucks exhibit several advantages compared with their counterparts All of them are possible due to the quality technical features, which we will discuss in more details. First of all, it is necessary to highlight the construction of the device's chassis. It is featured by enhanced durability and rigidity.

Thanks to the convenient chassis the reach trucks become more mobile, easily adapt to the current location and well controlled by the operator. Besides, the construction of chassis allows ensuring the residual carrying capacity specific for reach trucks. It allows lifting heavy cargos to the limit height. For example, a reach truck is able to locate 2.5 tons of goods in a cell that is 5 meters high. Besides, the construction of chassis is developed for easy replacement of the equipment tools, batteries, and check-ups.

Reach trucks use the high-quality slowing down systems. Different from its counterpart, the breaks of reach trucks work on the principle of residual energy and recuperation for returning the impulse to the battery. Therefore, the reach truck may work constantly without recharging. Worth mentioning that the basic features of the purchased warehouse equipment and not final. Depending on the specifics of the warehouse work, the electronic systems can be fine-tuned in different ways and various tools can be installed to expand the range of functions of the device even more.

Reach trucks are equipped with the main working element called a "mast". The mast is made of forks that can move to the side or incline for the most convenient capture of goods. If required, the mast automatically slows down its movement and allows manipulating the goods more carefully, as well it is equipped with the residual carrying capacity function. The distinctive feature of the mast if the extremely low level of its oscillation both when moving the goods and in the light-weight operation mode. It is worth highlighting the fact that the reach truck operator always has good visual access and one does not need to learn the peculiarities of driving reach trucks for a long time.

Modern reach trucks are equipped with flexible steering control. It allows the equipment operator move with ease even in the conditions of the not well-organized warehouse. The sensitivity of the steering wheel in the turns is regulated automatically, reducing the load on the driver. The electronic system flexibly adapts to the speed of the device and allows driving out of any environment with quality. The steering wheel is installed in a convenient location and equipped with flexible construction. The operator permanently stays in the cab, which is perfectly protected from the mechanical influence, strong kicks and damages.  Reach trucks make the staff feel in the absolute safety.

Warehouse reach trucks are equipped with the hydraulic system to lift the equipment to the required height. Exactly this mechanism performs the majority of the functions. Worth mentioning that the hydraulic system of reach trucks is characterized by good shock-absorption. It instantly reacts to the tasks set by the operator. The sensors of absence in the driver's cab are the additional safety elements of reach trucks. Besides, there is also an automatic system that switches off the power supply and performs the independent check-up of the equipment state.

Reach trucks are equipped with the engine for hydro engines. Thanks to these engines reach trucks exhibit high efficiency. Besides the efficiency of the engine allows decreasing the operational expenses at the optimal power for lifting any goods. The maximum speed of reach trucks in 12 km/h. The acceleration is very smooth, although rather fast. It is worth mentioning that reach trucks are the optimal choice for working with bulky cargoes at any warehouse.


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