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Pallet trucks

Pallet trucks

Pallet trucks are the universal device for transporting goods. It is very convenient to use at the production facilities or in the warehouses. The point is the pallet trucks are relatively easy to control and allows transporting almost any cargoes. Naturally, depending on the model, the weight of the lifted cargo may differ. Transporting of all cargoes is made with the use of pallets. The pallet truck derives its name from this fact. In our country, these devices appeared in the end of 1980s and became popular relatively fast. The first pallet truck was rather durable, featured by long lifetime and exhibited convincing technical characteristics. When the common user realized all advantages of this construction, the pallet truck started to be actively produced around the world.

After the active development of the production, the pallet trucks at not very low prices appeared on the market. The Asian companies decided to actively enter the market, however, the quality decreased along with the lower cost of this equipment. The pallet truck started to lose its popularity, however, it was particularly true for the Chinese brands. Domestic and western producers were still providing high-quality goods. Nowadays, one can face a pallet truck almost at any production facility, they are also often used in the warehouses and large retail locations. This all is the result of numerous advantages of pallet trucks.

Specifics and characteristics

The electric pallet truck is the most demanded on the market. The main advantages of this equipment are the wheels with pneumatic tires and operation of the electric power. Overall, the consumption of electricity is not very costly and using this device at the production facility is rather profitable. Pallet trucks are also manufactured with the special tires, mounted on the cart. This type is used in the rather dirty rooms, where the floor type may destroy classic tires. Therefore, the pallet trucks of these models exhibit enhanced passability and perfectly adapt to any conditions. It is a little bit more expensive, however, provides the user with the additional comfort when working. A pallet truck of any model can be selected, depending on your needs thanks to the additional functions.

Nowadays pallet trucks are often equipped with the special lights. They help to light up the room better and even work when the lights are out. As well, one can often notice a pallet truck with the embedded controller of the number of engine revolutions. Usually, the electric models are equipped with acid storage batteries, therefore it is very important to control the number of revolutions. The pallet truck can also be equipped with special platforms. Depending on the cart dimensions, the stand for them is also chosen. It is worth mentioning that besides the extended platform, the pallet trucks often differ in wheels diameter, in essence, these two elements depend on each other.

Among the varieties of these devices, one can distinguish between standing and sitting types of them. The difference in obvious, some models provide the driver with the possibility to sit while working. The trucks of this type can also be divided into:

  • models with a folding platform;
  • models with the operator's cab;
  • models with pedestrian carts.

The standing pallet truck differs only in terms of the method of control. In this case, the driver has to stand. The difference in terms of the height of lifting the goods in the models in insignificant. On average, the trucks lift the cargo to 120-200mm height and they are the devices that only slightly lift the cargo. To transport it further, it is necessary to use other devices. The truck has the carrying capacity up to 3.5 tons.

What is the convenience of use

Buying a hydraulic truck may significantly simplify working with carts. The main specific of this model is the mounted lifting jack. Thus the truck may lift and lower the cart fork with the use of the natural traction controlled by the special leverage. This makes the work of the loader significantly easier, especially if we talk about large cargoes. The electric truck, in turn, is used for working with cargoes up to 2 tons and its speed usually does not exceed 20 km/h. These models are all-welded and allow reaching any constituents. Therefore, the pallet truck of this type is very convenient in service. If needed you can replace some details by yourself.

First of all, the pallet truck is convenient because of increased carrying capacity and relatively high moving speed. The pallet truck is much more efficient at the production facility than a hydraulic cart, which is still actively used. First of all, pallet trucks are not tiring for the user. It provides the opportunity to save the physical force and eliminate tiredness when transporting the cargo. At the same time, pallet truck is rather convenient to use. It is possible to master using the pallet truck in one day and later on only use its advantages. Therefore, the owners of the warehouses and shops do not need to search for the specially trained operator. Pallet truck can be easily mastered by any person, even if he never drove a car or a similar vehicle.

Application of the pallet trucks

The truck easily covers the use of various loading equipment Using it one can reject using the majority of other devices and conveniently fulfill the required task. Pallet trucks are actively used inside different warehouses. If the dimensions of the construction are really large and there are many goods inside, the pallet truck is the only rational decision. Thanks to its high carrying capacity, the pallet truck is beneficial to use at the wholesale locations. It is exactly where the pallet truck instantly reveals its advantages and optimizes the operations. If needed, the pallet truck can be located directly inside the shop. For example, to place the goods on the shelves and timely remove the outdated goods from the hall. In these cases, pallet trucks are irreplaceable.

Pallet trucks are also demanded loading cars. It can be a regular transportation company, construction site or simply relocation of a store from one place to another. Choose the pallet truck taking into account the number of items. Thanks to its functions, the pallet truck allows significantly facilitating the loading process. When the pallet truck is finished with its task, it is possible to use other devices for efficient transportation. In addition, pallets trucks can be used at the production facilities. Very often they can be spotted at the plants where goods are produced from a large number of details. Pallets trucks allow easily transporting the ready goods from one device to another.

Where and how to buy

Taking into account the fact that pallet trucks are equipped with electric engines, it is more efficient to perform various operations at the warehouse with their help. That is why the trucks are actively used by entrepreneurs and owners of large warehouses. It is possible to buy a truck in our company at the affordable price. A wide range of models allows choosing the truck according to one's needs. The website provides detailed information about every model. Thus, when buying a truck, the client will know all its characteristics beforehand. It is easy to select a high-quality pallets truck.

Make sure that you have selected the right model before placing the order. Managers of Avtoprommarket company are always happy to advise you on the model you are interested in or select the most suitable one. The truck optimizes the processes fast and it is definitely a profitable and rational investment.


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