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Hydraulic and platform push carts

Hydraulic and platform push carts

The efficient operation of any enterprise is determined by the presence of qualified staff and special equipment helping to solve the required tasks more efficiently. The use of a hydraulic or a platform push cart makes transportation of heavy cargos, loading or unloading of different goods, materials or things much easier. Thanks to a rather simple device there is a possibility to significantly simplify and facilitate the work process of a warehouse or a production facility. Moreover, the use of a usual or a hydraulic push cart does not require any special qualification or skills. While buying one nowadays is as easy as it has never been.

The main types of warehouse push carts

The most widespread warehouse push carts are a manual device, moved by the muscle force of a human. The carrying capacity of this equipment usually does not exceed 1000 kg. The area of its use is rather wide, from warehouses to private use in the summer houses or part-time farms.

There are several main types:

  • hydraulic;
  • platform push-carts;
  • shelf (the construction assumes several special parallel platforms for small items);
  • push-carts for different vessels (balloons, barrels etc.).

In term of construction specifics, the push cars can be divided into two-, three- and four-wheeled ones. The simplest one is a two-wheeled push-cart with low carrying capacity, however, easy to use and inexpensive. Three-wheeled warehouse pushcarts designed for transporting cargos have an additional third wheel, which improves the carrying capacity and maneuverability.

A platform push cart has four wheels, which allows transporting relatively heavy items. This type is the most widespread due to the convenience of use, maneuverability and high carrying capacity. A platform push cart is used at the warehouses, plants, shopping malls and summer houses. Different modifications and models allow selecting the type, most suitable for using in the required area. Platform push carts are the optimal choice for using in the large area rooms.

A hydraulic push cart is designed for lifting and transporting heavy items, the weight of which exceeds one ton. The folk name of hydraulic push cart (rocla) is derived from the name of Finnish company Rocla, the products of which are highly demanded on the market.  Unlike platform push cart, the special feature of hydraulic push carts is the embedded hydraulic lifting jack, which lifts the pallets with cargo using the special fork. When planning to buy a push cart, it is important to remember the rationality of using the equipment optimal for the rooms with high ceilings.

The features and characteristics of push carts

The modern hydraulic push cart has many different modifications that allow using this equipment in the production process and for different loading works. The main technical parameters are the length and width of the fork, the number of rolls and the carrying capacity. The types of hydraulic push carts with short forks (up to 800mm) are designed to work within the limited space and allow working efficiently in a small room or inside a truck. There are also modifications with the fork up to 2.4 meters long to move large cargos. The push carts with the length of the fork up to 1.2 m are usually used for transporting standard pallets.

The lifting height is usually up to 200mm, while the height of the adroop fork reaches 95mm. However, there are options, in which the height of adroop fork is 40mm and more. This device of the push carts is used much more rarely when there are low-profile pallets.

A standard hydraulic push cart has the carrying capacity reaching 2.5 tons, however, there are models that can lift a significantly greater weight. For the convenience of users, there are pushcarts with embedded weights, which allows weighting the transported goods during the transportation. The top width of the fork of hydraulic push carts reaches 540mm, which allows working with European-type pallets, on which the majority of packages are packed. The model with fork width of 670mm is suitable for the models of American-type. These features allow buying a push cart, which can solve numerous tasks. Irrespective of the features, a hydraulic push cart will become irreplaceable in any warehouses.

The most relevant option is a platform push cat, designed for transporting rather heavy compact cargos. The ease of operating and maneuverability of a platform cart allow using the construction efficiently in shopping malls, at the warehouses, enterprises etc. The platform push carts differ in terms of construction specifics and platform types. The solid surface of platform push carts is adapted for almost any cargo, while for the transportation of boxes, cases, bags and various not free-flowing materials it is possible to use lattice surface. The specifics of platform push cart allow significantly decreasing the total weight of the cart itself. Push carts are equipped with special edges, which keep the cargo stable, to increase the capacity.

The carrying capacity of platform carts varies from 100 to 750 kg. This feature largely depends on the wheels, to which the greatest part of the load is attributed. The use of the platform cart on uneven surface assumes the greater diameter of the wheels to make work easier. Polyamide or rubber covered by polyurethane is usually used as the wheels material. Usually, a platform cart is made with four wheels or with three wheels with one turning and controlling wheel. There are also models of platform carts with rotating supports, however, usually only one pair of wheels is rotating while the other one is fixed. In addition, platform carts may be equipped with wheels of different diameter, which increases the overall carrying capacity.

The advantages of hydraulic push carts

The main advantages of the push carts are simplicity and reliability. That is why you get the maximum of comfort making a decision to buy a cart. As well as when using platform carts, the efficient operation does not require frequent and expensive maintenance. Only the muscle force is employed for using the device, therefore, there is no need to buy fuel or power sources. The hydraulic cart has the construction ensuring not only the comfort but also the safety of use. To fully use the platform or hydraulic cart the worker does no need long-term education, special knowledge or skills.

The simple constructions, alike the one of the platform cart, compact dimensions, elementary control and maneuverability make this equipment popular and demanded.

For which purposes can one buy a cart

Manual and hydraulic push carts are so easy to use that nowadays they are used in many areas of human activity. When adhering to the safety requirements, these constructions can be used efficiently as well as platform cart:

  • in warehouses;
  • at the markets;
  • in supermarkets and in small stores;
  • at production facilities;
  • in hangars;
  • in distribution centers etc.

Irrespective of the business activity of enterprises, the presence of push and hydraulic carts allows efficiently increasing the productivity without the need for additional costs for costly equipment or services of temporary workers.

Where and how can one buy a platform, hydraulic or manual push cart

Avtoprommarket company offers its clients to have a look at the presented choice of hydraulic, platform, ceiling and other modifications of push carts, which will allow you to optimize the work process at any enterprise without incurring additional costs. Our services also allow you to accomplish the following tasks:

  • select manual or hydraulic carts with optimal carrying capacity;
  • order a platform cart taking into account the size, type of supports, platform, cells etc.;
  • make a wholesale order with a discount;
  • select manual or hydraulic carts with the required weight.

We are offering only high-quality products, among which you will find manual, hydraulic or platform push carts for the best price. This approach together with easy order placement and fast delivery makes the choice of the models of hydraulic or push carts profitable for every client. Irrespective of the terms of the contract cooperating with us is always convenient and efficient. In order to get more detailed information on hydraulic and platform carts, you can contact our experts and they will advise you on the issues of your interest.

We also recommend you to visit the section with manual stackers, as many people forget about them when choosing the warehouse equipment and then regret not recalling this earlier.

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