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Warehouse equipment

Warehouse equipment

In order to perform all warehouse activities, it is necessary to have a material and technical base that allows performing the full range of loading and unloading works. The proper functioning of the warehouse required the introduction of the whole set of equipment and organization works. First of all, the site for the warehouse is selected and the construction with the required dimensions is built. After the construction, the organization and purchase of the warehouse equipment take place. Warehouse equipment is the instrument of the efficient fulfillment of the full range of operations.

The system of the warehouse operation is built on the three key principles. The first one is the presence of the user part that allows providing services for the clients at the high level. This component is visible for the user. The second part includes databases and electronic service systems that allow accounting for the goods and other devices stored in the warehouse. The third component is the organizations of goods storage at the warehouse. The final stage of the process is unloading of the goods and transportation to the destination point. This task is directly fulfilled by the warehouse equipment.

The main types of equipment used at the warehouse

Irrespective of the warehouse dimensions, whether it is a narrow room or the whole hangar, increasing the work efficiency requires using suck handy devices as warehouse equipment. The main principle of using the equipment is the simplicity and universality. Buying the whole range of devices, each of which has its own purpose, is too expensive and not profitable, because, besides the purchase itself, the owner of the warehouse also has to train the employees and assign them to each device.

The warehouse equipment of the base platform has proven itself to be the best. If needed, it can be reequipped and used for other purposes. Besides, it helps to protect the warehouse floor from damage and does not leave black rubber traces. Four-wheeled carts are often used for transporting the goods around the warehouse. They are assembled on the stable metallic platform. One can transport cargoes with any dimensions on them. A universal cart may work in three positions:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • inclined (45 degrees).

Different forms allow transporting goods with the weight up to 20 kg this way. The modern loading equipment equipped with the electric drive, which allows automating the range of tasks. The range of stores, offering this equipment, namely loading and unloading devices, includes the following types of carts:

  • platform warehouse equipment;
  • Two-wheeled;
  • warehouse equipment with the electric drive;
  • hydraulic model.

The experts consider the cart with the electric drive to be the most efficient and useful. The warehouse equipment should include stackers if the warehouse of a large area is used. This warehouse equipment allows carefully installing one box or container on top of another in the horizontal dimension (stack piling). If we talk about heavy goods, this device is irreplaceable. Warehouse loading equipment includes:

  • manual hydraulic stackers;
  • self-moving stackers;
  • electric machines.

The simplest to use is the manual stacker. Its work principle allows avoiding frequent damages. However, this device allows placing the goods only on one deck. The racks with several decks require the additional use of a crane. It is the stacker with delivery table and crane. The technical features of the device include the maximum height up to 20 meters, the maximum weight up to 3 tons. Any warehouse equipment is designed for specific loads and has its purpose. It is important to take these parameters into account when using it in in order to avoid premature breakage.

The loading equipment is not the only element of the warehouse. In order to properly organize the process, it is important to buy the shelves to store not heavy items and pallets so that the goods are not stored on the floor and not affected by moisture and dust. The pallets are made of wood. Regarding the shelves and racks, it is better to choose metal structures.

The most widespread loading equipment

The hardest work is performed by the warehouse equipment for automatic loading and unloading of goods. The most demanded models nowadays are manufactured by German and Japanese companies. The extraordinary features of the warehouse equipment include lowered noise level, high efficiency, and effectiveness. The devices generally use diesel fuel. There are also petroleum and gas models. For indoor warehouses, it is more relevant to choose electric models.

The warehouse loading equipment is represented by different models of lift trucks. The most popular option is the fork device, which is easy to use for placing the goods on the special pallets. In case it is needed to transport some specific goods, for example, pipes, the special attachments can be placed on forklifts. If there is not enough space for the lift truck in the multi-deck warehouse, the electric carts with self-moving mechanism can be used as the efficient replacement. However, their significant disadvantage is the constrained carrying capacity. The stackers with long jib boom can also be used.

In practice, warehouse equipment is used at the warehouses with high ceilings. The machines with electric drive and folded cab are used for working on the top decks. These units can move only within the limits of its deck. The loading equipment is chosen exclusively taking into account the specifics of the room, air temperature, and humidity. Besides, it is important to take into account the specifics of goods to choose the most suitable device.

Why using the warehouse equipment increases the warehouse efficiency?

The main reason for equipping the warehouses with the full set of devices that include the warehouse equipment is the high complexity of operations and necessity to work fast. The efficiency of the warehouse depends on the technical equipment of it. The warehouse equipment plays an important role in this process as it eliminates the effect of the human factor in it. Minimization of the physical labor is the important indicator for a company that values its reputations. Besides, the warehouse equipment allows increasing the warehouse efficiency coefficient several times. In other words, these are the capacity indicators.

There is a definite division of labor at any warehouse. The works on the object start with the goods acceptance. All the documents and allocation of goods to specific cells are made here. The identification of goods if often made based on their barcodes. The warehouse equipment transports the goods to the reserve area if it was not identified or the over holding terms are too small. The warehouse equipment allows moving the most important and frequently used goods to the locations closer to the exit. The allocation of goods is also made according to the dimensions and type criteria. The increase of the efficiency coefficient is reached because of the correct allocation and storage of goods. The next criterion is the organization of the employees, their qualification, and motivation to work fast and without errors. The loading equipment removes excess load from the staff and allows concentrating on more important issues. The properly chosen warehouse equipment is the full set of tools for automating the loading and unloading tasks. The sale of warehouse equipment will help you to choose the optimum solutions for your warehouse.

Where and how to buy warehouse equipment

It is possible to buy warehouse equipment with the official dealer. To do so one should visit the seller's office and learn about the equipment currently presented in the catalog. The warehouse equipment is regularly updated adding the new improved models to the market. The most high-quality and affordable warehouse equipment is sold directly at the manufacturing plant. It can be bought without the markup of intermediaries. It is also beneficial to buy warehouse equipment from a direct dealer without intermediaries. In this case, you do not need to know the foreign language to contact the manufacturing plant abroad to make the purchase. The most relevant loading equipment is in the catalog on the manufacturer's website. Choosing one or another option is better based on the individual needs of a particular warehouse.


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