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Mezzanine racks

Производитель: Автопроммаркет Россия

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Mezzanine racks

Mezzanine racks allow reaching a significant efficiency of using the whole internal space due to using the maximum height at the territory of the warehouse. The construction of new floor structures allows expanding the area for storage of goods two times and more.

The description of the warehouse mezzanine

Mezzanine racks are the reliable multideck shelving construction as is based on common long-span and pallet racks equipped with additional equipment with the help of auxiliary components like small fences, ladders, crossbars between the levels and many other.

This construction is easy to assemble and it does not require different documentation and various permissions. Such a warehouse mezzanine is perfectly suitable for storing different quantities of small items. It is equipped with comfortable and light ladders and protective barriers to enhance efficiency.

Different types of warehouse mezzanines

Mezzanine shelving can be classified into two categories different in terms of composition: Mezzanine shelving have very original construction based on two types, pallet, and long-span ones.

The scheme of the warehouse mezzanine

Pallet racks that were developed for storing pallets are made of durable frames and flat columns. They form template decks for storing goods. Different from the classic structure, they have special bearing supports that were prepared were fixing the beams of mezzanine platforms. The possible and estimated pressures affect the shape of beam profiles, it can be a rectangle or a more complex structure. The reliability of the whole structure is based on the vertically located supports that are connected to each other in the durable and reliable manner. The platforms for mezzanine racks can be made of various materials depending on the client's requirements and conditions inside the warehouse. It can be metal, chipboard or a special steel lattice. To ensure the safe access to all decks of the construction, the ladders with reliable handrails are needed. Their rungs are made of corrugated sheets to prevent the possibility of slippering on them.

Mezzanine racks will perfectly suit the warehouse rooms with high ceilings as in this case it is possible to use the whole space inside more rationally and efficiently. Nevertheless, due to the need of assembling additional constructions to reinforce the rack, the flights and select the lifting mechanisms, the price of mezzanine racks is several times higher than that of the standard shelving, composed of pallets. Before ordering one or another type of racks it is necessary to measure all possible expenses against the effect that will be possible to achieve with this construction.

For the estimated loads below 500 kg/m2, the base for construction of the warehouse mezzanine can be the ceiling-high racks. It is considered to be very comfortable and easy to use as it provides the possibility to take any goods fast and easy without using long ladders or steps. The height of these ceiling-high racks can reach 2 - 2.2 meters. By constructing a mezzanine with the long-span racks, it is possible to get two or three deck structure. The flooring for the second or third deck may be a metal lattice that ensures more convenient travel for employees and for different equipment or carts.

In order to approximate the final cost and the number of required stairwells, goods unloading zones etc. it is necessary to measure all parameters of the warehouse and all dimensions of the future structure as precisely as possible.

It is possible to buy mezzanine racks at Avtoprommarket company. They provide the full range of services associated with these products. The process starts with the development of the project of future constructions, manufacturing of them and delivery to the required location. After that, they are installed and all elements are carefully checked to ensure that all components are in place. All works are made as fast as possible, in full compliance with existing world standards.

  • Free standing shelving systems. Free standing platforms allow significantly expanding the area for storing various products and goods;
  • Multi-passage. They are constructed on the basis on long-span and frontal racks, which provides the most convenient access to various sectors of the already constructed structure. Thus it is possible to store the wide range of goods on the unified warehouse mezzanine and accessing one category of goods does not require moving the others. The maximum economy level is reached when constructing four decks. If there are many decks of warehouse mezzanines in the room, it is possible to install additional lifts and special lifting structures.

The main advantages of mezzanine racks:

  • The structure has the margin of safety equal to 1.5.
  • You can organize each level of the ready structure as a separate zone for storing goods or as a service area, independent of other zones.
  • The universality of all components provides for the possibility of reconstructing the existing structure into a new system of long-rack, pallet or combined system of storing goods if needed.
  • The calculation of all racks is made according to the international norms.
  • The special value of these racks is the ability to store different goods that require manual processing on the territory of warehouses with a relatively high ceiling up to 12 meters with maximum efficiency and ease.
  • Mezzanine racks allow fully using the space inside the room.
  • It is very easy and fast to assemble and disassemble the construction.
  • The cost of the construction is relatively lower than that of the heavy welded systems.


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