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Console shelving

Производитель: Автопроммаркет Россия

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Console shelving

Console shelving is the collapsible metal construction that can be located both inside the buildings and outside, provide front access towards goods, and allow using the whole space of the warehouse fully. It a universal type of the construction.

Advantages of console shelving for the warehouse

The models of this type are convenient to use as they can be located in any part of the warehouse depending on the requirements and conditions of use. For example, one-sided console shelving can be placed next to the wall, while in the middle of the room we recommend using two-sided console shelving. Two-sided construction is more reliable and can bear higher loads than the one-sided one.

A customer can choose the construction with the required parameters (height, the length of console racks, console depth, maximum load, coating, color). The console racks themselves are not bulky even though they are able to bear the weight up to several tons. Console shelving for the warehouse exhibit several incontestable advantages:

  • They can be extended if needed by attaching an additional trussed system to the assembled frame;
  • Flooring is placed over the console to store piece goods;
  • It can be disassembled and placed in another location, at the same time the width of passages and the direction of rows can be changed;
  • It can be equipped with stoppers and impingement plates;
  • Simultaneous storage of goods with different dimensions is possible;
  • Two types of loading and unloading works are possible, frontal and side.

Construction specifics

Console shelving is supplied in disassembled form with the passport and construction manual. The construction is made of trussed system and main supports, to which the bearing elements (consoles) are attached. It is easy to assemble the devices and does not require special skills or tools, therefore any customer can assemble it on its own (if an expert is present) or using the services provided by Avtoprommarket company. The company can make the full assembly of the devices and provide the services of a consulting expert to manage the assembly process at the site.


Console shelving is fast to assemble; consoles are placed according to the dimensions of the goods to be stored. The device supports are equipped with special holes thanks to which it is possible to easily change the location of bearing elements and if needed it is possible to use consoles of different size and on the different level. Thanks to the construction specifics the unit can be assembled for any height required, vertically or with some angle towards the support.

The reliability of the construction is ensured by the material of which the supports are made, the distance between the supports, the reliability of the connection of the main supports to the floor or the wall. The qualitative connection of the supports between each other with the use of spacers makes the construction of console shelving solid.

The method of assembling the console to the support also plays the significant role in the load level. The strongest one is the welded connection, however, its significant disadvantage is the inability to change the location of elements, therefore it is suitable only in case of continuous storage of the goods with the same type of dimensions.

The welded construction may be used if the design of the warehouse is final and does not assume any redesign. This construction is more reliable and does not require regular preventive maintenance like tightening of bolt connections, fine-tuning the system of spacers, however, in a case of long-term use the replacement and repairs of damaged consoles and other elements of the device become more complicated.

Console shelving may be the basis of assembling the drive-in constructions.


Console shelving is used for storing any goods and cargoes with various dimensions and lengths, from free-flowing construction materials to automotive equipment, however, most often it is used to store long goods. The examples of goods that can be stored at console racks:

  • Pipes (plastic and metal ones);
  • Fittings;
  • Long metal goods (round material, sections etc);
  • Boards, beams; other lumber;
  • Sheetrock, OSB, fiberboard, chipboard;
  • Siding;
  • Linoleum;
  • Carpets;
  • Domestic appliances.

Console shelving of this type may be used at the food warehouses and at any other warehouses and storage rooms where it is required to store the products (goods), at the same time having constant access to it and saving the space. Console shelving allows easy accounting of stored goods, ensures free access for the work of different types of loaders.


High-quality console shelving can be purchased in Avtoprommarket company, choosing from the models in stock or ordering the unit with required dimensions. Each model is produced according to GOST and has the required safety factor and guaranteed operation term. Console shelving is produced both standard and custom-made with special dimensions and careful observance of the client's requirements.

The high-quality polymeric coating is used for protecting the construction from corrosion, the models for internal use can be made of galvanized iron, which significantly extends the lifetime of the device. The base of the construction is made of durable steel frame, the dimensions and thickness of walls of which are determined by the expected load. In case a customer wishes so, it can be equipped with stoppers (prevents falling of goods), impingement plates (protect the construction elements from damage caused by the wheels of the loaders), and flooring.

The qualitatively assembled console shelving is safe to use, resistant to overturn, reliable, have the coating, compliant to the environment, therefore they maintain the good appearance for a long time.


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