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Cable reel racks

Производитель: Автопроммаркет Россия

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Cable reel racks from Avtoprommarket company

The rational use of the space is very important in the production processes of any enterprise; it is necessary to have some free space and the possibility of timely access all materials.

At the first glance, cable drums are a simple task. However, it is true only at the first glance. Sometimes you need a special length of a cable. Cable drum racks allow performing this task much faster. It is possible to store significantly more drums in relatively small areas, using the racks for storing cables. Therefore, you save the space and simplify the accounting.

The specifics and benefits of use

This system of storing cable drums has several advantages. Using the cable rack allows storing the drums at the optimum height, lower and lift them, depending on the drum diameter. Some racks allow lifting and lowering at 50 mm intervals.

Very important that it is possible to access the cable drums easily even with the cargo transport, at the same time there is an access to any part of the cable rack.

No additional lifting devices are needed to unwind the cable; it requires the only small physical effort of one employee, who can unwind the required length of the cable. To make it even simpler, we offer bearing cable drums.

Besides, the cable rack allows storing other items, besides the cable, on the first level of the rack.

Cable racks have very simple construction, they are very easy to assemble and disassemble, transport to the required location, it requires no special knowledge.

We offer our customers the best options of cable racks, on which several decks of cable drums can be stored. The drums are located on the horizontal axis. This type of construction allows unwinding the required length of cable without significant efforts or additional tools.

Thanks to this approach of designers, there is a possibility to store more cable drums, while the storage area with complying with all sanitary and fire safety requirements.

We offer you to buy cable racks with different carrying capacity. The most widespread ones are the racks with the carrying capacity of approximately one ton, however, we also have the ones that can bear up to six tons of cable drums. Depending on the number of the drums that you will store on the racks we offer options up to 6 meters high. Depending on the height of the cable rack it is possible to store from two to five cable drums.

All the racks in our range comply with the width requirements, which should be 1.2m, as it is the width of a standard drum.

The drums with the rather significant weight are located on these constructions, therefore it is important to securely fix the whole structure. Therefore, the cable racks should be securely connected to each other with bolts. The whole construction should also be securely fixed to avoid loosening and falling. For this purpose, it is connected to the floor with barb bolts.

It is necessary to comply with some rules that require untwisting the two lowest decks if it necessary to add new drums.

There are numerous types of cable racks manufactured by different producers in the range of products that we offer to our customers.

They differ in terms of the number of cable drums that can be located, for the type of construction, connection to the floor and to each other.

Each rack is carefully tested before being offered to the clients. There are documents that confirm the quality of our products.

All racks can be divided into two main groups, depending on the way of storing the drums, straight and not straight.

Straight racks are a horizontal axis in the same plane with the cable drum These constructions require choosing the drums corresponding to the diameter of the construction.

This type allows unwinding the required length of the cable as fast as possible.

The inclined construction type is the most stable one and allows locating four cable drums simultaneously with no problems. This type is capable of bearing large loads of several tons. The inclined cable racks, thanks to their construction, allow unwinding not only the top but also the bottom drums.

The reliable connection method with the use of fixing shoes is envisaged for.

It is very easy to use, however, it provides huge operation benefits. There is almost no vibration during the unwinding process. It is ensured by fixing the bottom axes with collets.

The advantages of cooperating with Avtoprommarket

The company has been in the warehouse equipment market for many years. During this time, we have defined our main goal: the supply of high-quality products at an affordable price. Every day we strive to adhere to this goal.

We sell the products of domestic and foreign producers at affordable prices in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. If you have any questions or suggestions about purchasing the products or cooperation, please, contact our consultants. We are always happy to have new contacts and take into account not only your grateful feedback but also constructive critique.

We are constantly taking care of the expansion of our product range. We make sure that the new models in the market that were developed recently are available for you with our help

Our goods are sold at affordable prices. The prices of all our product range are the lowest not only in the region but around the whole country. You can send a request fast. We process it as soon as possible and, if needed, deliver the goods with courier services. You can also pick up the goods at our warehouse. You can send an application for buying a product from our website or call the consultant using the indicated phone numbers.

We have developed the flexible discount system for returning clients, there are special offers and bonuses. You are not only buying high-quality goods; you are also saving your money. Contact the consultants to find out more about our discounts and special offers. The longer you cooperate with us, the more profitable it becomes for you.

You can pay for the purchase in different ways. There are several options of cash payments upon receipt. You can also pay by bank wire and even with a plastic card.

We are always happy to see you among our clients.


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