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Cargo shelving

Производитель: Автопроммаркет Россия

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Cargo shelving Avtoprommarket

Cargo shelving is the metal warehouse constructions designated for storing various cargoes in containers, on flooring or on pallets. The main elements of the construction are horizontal beams and vertical frames. The beams are connected to frames by bolt connections or connectors (hooks).

According to the unconfirmed data, the first cargo shelving was invented in XIII century A.D. by an unknown sailor. It was wooden and very bulky. In order to move the construction from one place to another, it was necessary to disassemble it each time. In 1857 this type of shelving was patented for the first time. At the time these constructions were used exclusively for storing food. In Russia only welded cargo shelving was used up to 1990s. However, they soon became not popular as the construction could not be disassembled and had a number of other limitations.

Main types, characteristics, and specifics

Cargo shelving can be of the following types:

  • Pallet (front);
  • Long-span;
  • Console;
  • Gravity-flow;
  • Drive-in;
  • Mobile;
  • Mezzanine.

Let's discuss each of these types in more details.

Palette cargo shelving

This is the front shelving for palettes. They exhibit very high carrying capacity, while their construction is very simple. These systems are the perfect option for demonstrating a wide range of goods of different categories as they provide good visibility from any side.

Cargo long-span shelving

It is designated mainly for storing different piece goods or packed cargoes. The construction is intrinsically simple. Cargo long-span shelving is fast to assemble and disassemble. In addition, cargo long-span shelving can be equipped with some additional elements. Cargo long-span shelving usually ensures easy access to cargoes thus making the manual processing of them possible.

Console cargo shelving

It is the multideck metal constructions made of bearing consoles and vertical beams. It is primarily designated for storing long and non-standard cargoes. The load is frontal and can be both one-sided and two-sided.

Gravity-flow cargo racks

It is a construction, in which the shelves are located with a small incline. Thus, the cargo moves to the unloading point by itself. The use of this type of shelving allows significantly saving the free space in the warehouse and split it into loading and unloading areas.

Drive-in cargo shelving

It is also called tunnel shelving; it is the metal construction the purpose of which is to store same-type bulky cargoes. Thanks to the specifics of the construction, the warehouse machinery can work inside the shelving. The main difference with the gravity-flow shelving is that the goods loaded first will be unloaded last. The use of such systems allows significantly saving space due to small between-shelving areas.

Mobile cargo shelving

It is also called movable. It is a special platform located on guiding paths and equipped with shelves. Pallets may be used instead of shelves. The control over this system is performed by a mechanical or electric drive.

Mezzanine cargo shelving

It is the multideck shelving constructions that are usually used for storing various types of small goods. The number of decks is limited only by the height of warehouse ceilings. To facilitate access to the goods, one may use ladders and railings.

Application areas

Pallet cargo shelving is used in hypermarkets, warehouses, at wholesale bases, and in distribution centers. Cargo long-span shelving is mainly used in offices, car salons as well as in shops. Console shelving is often chosen for using at the bases for various materials - construction, metals, wholesale goods and in workshops. Mobile (movable) shelving is the most suitable option for production enterprises.

Overall, all warehouse cargo shelving can be divided into the following groups:

  • Archive;
  • Warehouse;
  • Residential;
  • Production;
  • Office;

Buy cargo shelving at Avtoprommarket company

One can always buy a cargo shelving in Avtoprommarket company, one of the leading suppliers of shelving equipment in Russia nowadays. The company cooperates with the leading world manufacturers of warehouse equipment and also provides maintenance services. Besides, there is a special department in the company that deals with design as well as the development of shelving system per individual orders. Buying a cargo shelving at Avtoprommarket company has the following advantages:

  • The products are always present at the warehouse;
  • One may choose the most suitable payments option;
  • One can pay for goods by installments irrespective of the customer's location;
  • The company experts will put the shelving into the operation;
  • Flexible discount system for returning customers;
  • Special conditions for wholesale customers.

Besides, Avtoprommarket company offers the cheapest cargo metal shelving. Simply visiting the websites of other companies dealing with trading equipment confirms that it is true. The low prices are determined by the fact that Avtoprommarket is the direct distributor of the leading manufacturers of warehouse equipment.

You can always find out about the full range of products and their prices at the website of Avtoprommarket company. Our account managers will advise you in details on any questions you may have. They can also help you in choosing the most suitable cargo shelving, depending on the type of the room, its dimensions and the cargo itself.

If you decide to order a cargo shelving at Avtoprommarket company, you can be absolutely sure that you will receive the shelving system that will fully comply with your requirements, minimize the human effort at the enterprise and will significantly reduce the number of unnecessary transfer of cargo around the warehouse.

Avtoprommarket company sends the individual business offer to each client only after the company's employee personally examines the room, in which you plan to use the cargo shelving, as well as takes all measurements required for the design.


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