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Archive shelving

Производитель: Автопроммаркет Россия

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Archive shelving

Inexpensive and practical archive shelving is the key to the efficient documents storage, maintaining archival records as well as to storing goods at a warehouse. Archive shelving is a structure made of frames and shelves.

The optimization of usable space made by the installation of archive shelving, to be more precise of metal archive shelving allows creating the necessary conditions for long-term documentation storage thus allowing the company to maintain proper circulation of documents and have fast access to any documentation stored. The importance of convenient shelving for archives is obvious in the modern business environment.

Applications of archival shelving

Avtoprommarket Company offers archival shelving of any type. Moreover, we can manufacture a construction according to a client's requirements. All possible models of archival shelving that we will discuss in more details below are presented in the catalog of our website.

Metal long-span racks

Metal long-span racks (cargo) are most often used for storing compact cargo that does not require using any special equipment for working with it. However, the consumer properties of these options can be expanded by using both standard elements and elements made according to a client's drawings. The special feature of long-span racks allows creating various metal constructions and adapt the unit for the current needs of an enterprise to the maximum extent.

Besides the current list of garage shelving units model, one can also find a special type of this construction - medium-weight shelving - in the catalog of our website. Being affordable, the long-span racks of this category are designed for using in the premises of enterprises, warehouses, sales areas, garages etc. Shelving units of this type are the best solution for storing objects up to 500 kg (per one shelf). Efficient and inexpensive long-span racks offered on the website are usually used for storing materials and cargo packed into containers, properly sized boxes etc.

Metal shelving systems

Archival shelving and long-span racks of this type may be assembled for storing objects weighing up to 250 kg. Thanks to the specifics of the construction of these devices, the warehouse objects are stored in the most reliable and compact way. Irrespective of the dimensions, the durable systems allow ensuring the conditions necessary for long-term storage and make the access to the materials easier and more comfortable.

Most often the archival shelving and long-span racks of the proposed models are used for storing loose and piece goods or the products packed into boxes. The devices presented in our website catalog can also be used for storing, metal, plastic, wooden boxes etc.

The advantages of archival shelving are the universality and affordable price. It makes them the most demanded product for installation both in a small warehouse with compact goods and for archival storage of office documents

Archival shelving successfully meets all the requirements in archives, closets, libraries, offices, garages etc. Irrespective of the purpose, shelving systems may be a perfect replacement of any metal furniture of production type designed for storing documents.

The archival shelving that you can buy at the website now is made of frames, welded of a metal section and fortified by stiffening ribs and special bearers. The archival shelving is coated by a polymeric coating, protecting the construction from mechanical damages and the effect of external factors. The construction specifics peculiar to the long-span racks ensure the convenience and comfort of use as well as the maximum lifetime, during which the elements of the model preserve the initial features for a long time.

At the same time, the girders of long-span racks are mounted by either hooks or bolt connections, which ensures the reliability of the final unit, irrespective of the specifics and features of the stored objects. The constructions of the longitudinal girders, specific to archival shelving, is convenient because of the possibility to use shelves of different types.

Shelving for archives: specifics of the product

A client can choose fixed or mobile systems in the catalog of our website when buying archival shelving (long-span racks). Fixed archival shelving has small dimensions and can be used in cases not requiring the maximum use of useful space in the room.

Distinct from stationary ones, mobile archive shelving is used when it is required to optimize the space of the archive or the warehouse for the opportunity to use all useful space. Despite the fact that long-span racks of this category are more expensive, the choice of models allows creating all conditions for proper long-term documentation storage. The convenience of use specific to archive shelving is the possibility to move the construction. Even with the use of one single passage, all stored objects remain accessible for the user.

Besides, Avtoprommarket company offers mobile collapsible archive shelving, the frames of which are made of high-strength steel. The modern archive shelving presented in the catalog of the website are made of sheet material, the height of the side of which is 30 mm and the width is up to 1mm.

The specific feature of these constructions is the additional fortification due to the stiffening ribs and metal-ware included in the set.  Long-span racks of this category can be assembled as a construction kit, while the dimensions, the number of shelves and frames can be selected depending on the current needs of the company.

Applications of archival shelving

The universality specific for archival shelving and a large set of opportunities of implementing different solutions allow using the long-span racks and other systems that we offer almost in any area of activity associated with production or business. Irrespective of the purpose, our long-span racks can be used for optimizing warehouses and creating the optimum conditions that allow not only saving the space but also the lease payments and maintenance expenses.

The use of archival and shelving systems is especially important in the following areas:

  1. Office. The optimal solution here is office archival shelving (long-span racks or shelving for archives), designed for storing stationary, paper, documentation and similar things. The use of construction allows saving the space, putting the work processes in good order and searching for required items. Office archival shelving presented on the website are made of light-weight metals.
  2. Archives, libraries, public institutions. Archival shelving used here is featured by compact size, the convenience of use and durability.  Installing the shelving constructions allows not only saving the space but also organizing the storage of materials and documents. At the libraries, the construction capacity of the units is an important component determining the speed of searching for the needed materials and the quality of storage of books, magazines and other literature. The importance of using long-span racks in the neighboring areas is also determined by their reliability, stability, and attractive appearance.
  3. Residential use. Metal archival shelving is convenient for solving everyday problems.  Installing the construction in the living or non-living areas (garage, closet, cellar etc.) allows storing various objects with high dimensions and small weight. The optimal solution for the residential purposes is custom-made metal archival shelving. This approach allows fully implementing the idea of the client, creating the construction according to the current needs (arrangement of a garage room, a cloakroom, a system for storing books etc.).

Archive shelving for residential use can be made not only of metal but of different materials. Metal constructions are the most popular.

Choosing shelving with Avtoprommarket

The huge variety of products in general and archive shelving in particular, as well as the team of skilled experts-designers, allows us offering our clients the wide range of archive shelving choice. Our devices allow implementing any idea, creating optimal conditions for storing documents and various materials and ensure comfort and efficient use of all useful space. The choice of goods and services of Avtoprommarket company is a profitable and correct solution for every client as it involves not only good prices but also the opportunity to consult an expert. Irrespective of the customer needs and the volume of works we are ready to offer the best conditions for cooperation.


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