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Gravity-flow warehouse racks

Производитель: Автопроммаркет Россия

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Gravity-flow warehouse racks

Gravity-flow racks allow ensuring the efficient and space-saving storage of pallet cargoes. The pallets are moved along the construction with the help of the roller systems. Gravity-flow racks for pallets are used at the large logistics units, in freezing units as well as at the premises of industrial firms etc.

The specifics of gravity-flow racks operation

Gravity-flow racks for storing cargo on pallets is the modern version for moving units. They may be processed according to the "first in - first out" method or to the "last in - first out" method. In the first case, the pallet located first in the channels will be also supplied first. This principle is very important in working with products having a limited lifetime. In the second case, the pallet placed first will be supplied last. This method is more suitable for the products with unlimited lifetime.

Working with gravity-flow racks is very easy: on the side, where loading takes place, the stacker or loader locate a pallet on top of the established structure of rolls, after which he removes the fork, letting the goods go. It moves along the guides due to the incline and its own weight until it reaches the very last pallet inside the channel. On the side, where unloading takes place, the loading equipment removes the last pallet, after which all following it move one position to the front towards the unloading location themselves. In order to simplify this process, the side pallets are separated from others inside the channel by a special separating device.

For the gravity-flow racks working according to the "last in - first out" method both processes take place only on one side.

The construction of gravity-flow racks for storing the cargo on pallets

The construction of gravity-flow racks for boxes is the device made of metal components that can be freely assembled and disassembled. It includes durable frames and cross-beams of palette models, as well as special roll guides, which are mounted on the cross-beams with the unique mounting devices. Thus, there are channels or lines, the incline of which equals 4 degrees.

Rolled surfaces of gravity-flow racks are made of separate simple components, which are the bearing details of the bed and slowing details, which ensures even and stable movement speed of all pallets. At the very end of the line, there is a special mechanism, which separates the pallets, separating the first element from the others to make unloading easier for workers.

The bed and the rolls are composed of three standard modules connected with each other forming the passage of predetermined length.

The loading sections of gravity-flow racks may be made in two types: with wheels along the whole length of the passage or with three segments. In the first case, the modules are selected to be serviced by loaders, equipped with a support that can be moved to a certain position. It is often useful in those cases when the pallet is to be located on the inclined surface. Three-segmented sectors are usually chosen for processing with stackers or reach trucks that do not have an inclined support. Because of the free space between the wheels, the equipment may take out the forks without any special effort and not damage the expensive fixators.

Moreover, the intermediate section can be made of monolith rolls and its length will be 105 centimeters. The rolls are placed with the interval of 10-20 centimeters depending on the weight of the pallets used. The size of the autonomous shaft is 6 centimeters; the size of slowing ones is 8 centimeters. The total sum of slowing shafts in such a gravity-flow rack should be estimated based on the total number of pallets and their weight. Usually, one pallet requires one shaft.

Unloading sectors of gravity-flow racks are made in three different types: with shafts along the whole length of the passage, with three segment rolls and with two-segment shafts if unloading is made manually with the use of a hydraulic cart. Moreover, any unloading module of gravity-flow racks for pallets has a special separating unit.

Depending on the parameters of the used pallets, there can be one or two channels with guiding shafts at one cross-beam of gravity flow racks.

What are the requirements towards the rooms and cargoes for using the gravity-flow racks?

The shape, the processing edge as well as the quality of pallets used are important and main factors to pay attention to when developing the scheme of future gravity-flow racks for boxes. Some models of pallets require assembling of double-shaft units.

The ratio of the largest pallet weight to its smallest value cannot exceed three-to-one. If it exceeds this value, the lighter elements will not move freely along the passages.

Gravity-flow racks for pallets have significant requirements towards the environment as they include rather complicated constructions. Gravity-flow racks cannot be installed in the rooms with excessive humidity, outside of buildings and as well in the very dirty or dusty locations.

The use of gravity-flow racks for boxes is determined by several significant advantages:

  • The mechanisms used in the gravity-flow racks for pallets work only due to the gravitation forces, therefore you may not worry that they will stop working;
  • Gravity-flow racks allow dividing the loading and unloading zones into separate sites, which allows for significant increase in the processing speed as well as increases the efficiency of warehouse processes;
  • Gravity-flow racks for pallets, distinct from usual modifications, do not need spacious passages along the rows;
  • Gravity-flow racks for boxes provide savings on loading equipment as all goods move automatically.

Gravity-flow racks are necessary to be purchased from trustworthy and reliable suppliers that provide high-quality and reliable goods. The price of gravity-flow racks is relatively low; therefore, any enterprise can afford these products.


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