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Warehouse and retail racks

Warehouse and retail racks

A rack is a construction designated for storing products, goods (items) that consist of shelves (multi-deck floorings), located either on special supports or sidewalls, or made of consoles attached to the supports (in this case it is the console type of construction).

Avtoprommarket company has been selling the metal racks with different structures and modifications all over Russia and neighboring countries for 17 years. The wide choice, fast delivery, assembly and attestation of racks constructions are at your service. The employees of the company are always ready to design and implement to the location of the racks and other warehouse structures at you warehouse according to your demands and requirements of warehouse logistics.

The origins of the constructions

Nowadays, it is impossible to find out who developed the warehouse racks and when did it happen. The problem of locating a large number of items in the limited space existed throughout the history. Placing the goods or items in one row on the floor is inconvenient, they take too much space and it is difficult to walk between them. Stacking them one on to of another means loss, as the bottom row will be squeezed sooner or later.

As the consequence of the constant search for the solution of this problem, the idea of locating the items on some sort of shelves was created. It allowed storing the goods and presenting the buyer the opportunity to see the goods on the shelves, at the same time keeping it safe and sound. The first warehouse racks were initially made of wooden bars, on which the boards or other materials were placed. The structure was bulky and not very neat. If it was to be moved to another location, everything was to be disassembled and moved manually.

The development of the metallurgic industry allowed using the cheaper and more durable metal instead of the expensive wood. The manufacturing of big and small racks for various types of products and goods has started. The first written reference to the racks dates back to XIX century. In Russia, they appeared later, in XX century. Nowadays neither a production facility, nor a warehouse, nor diverse sales points can work without them.

Types and application areas of metal racks

Avtoprommarket company offers the metal racks under very profitable conditions We will always help you to choose the optimal type of the structure for the warehouse or retail unit.

You can find the following products in our company:

  • Pallet racks - the warehouse racks designated for storing the goods on pallets;
  • Long-span racks - depending on the construction are designated for storing goods both on pallets and without them. They are also referred to as frontal racks;
  • Medium load racks - can bear the packed goods, boxes, cases, up to 600 kg per shelf;
  • Automated warehouse racks - automated systems of storing goods aimed to decrease the warehouse logistics expenses by optimizing the processes of storing goods and assembling the orders;
  • Drive-in racks are the constructions for long-term storage of the single-type goods on pallets;
  • Archival shelving - one of the most widespread types of metal racks, usually bears the loads up to 250 kg per shelf and used for storing small, not bulky goods or documents. You can buy a metal archival shelving for the establishment of a small warehouse or the company's archive;
  • Gravity-flow racks are a special type of warehouse racks facilitating the access to goods thanks to using gravitation;
  • Console racks are the warehouse racks that allow storing long bulky cargoes. They can be one-sided and two-sided;
  • Mezzanine racks are the warehouse racks that use the space to the maximum extent by constructing additional levels;
  • Mobile racks can be moved and assembled in any convenient place. Specific features: easy reorganization of the warehouse for storing the necessary goods, no need for complicated assembly process and maintenance;
  • Trading metal racks are designed to organize the shelf storage of the goods at the retail locations;
  • Industrial racks are designated for the use of a production facility and they can bear large weight.

In order to obtain more detailed information, simply fill the contact form at the end of the text and our experts will definitely contact you.

The advantages of using the constructions

The problem of correct location of goods for storage is one of the oldest and often most complicated tasks. With the increase of the production volume and range of products, it is also necessary to increase the volumes of goods storage. Therefore, it is necessary to contact qualified experts for designing the warehouse space, for example, to Avtoprommarket company. Metal racks of the required type provide you the permanent access to the necessary goods, making it easier to search for it, while their proper location guarantees the highest efficiency coefficient of using the warehouse room.

The goods should be located in the warehouse taking into account various factors, such as the convenience of moving it around the warehouse, its visibility for the picker to facilitate the assembly process etc. The employees should be able to work on their direct tasks but not become loaders when it is necessary to get a box, a book or a product from the top shelf.

You may choose:

  • Metal office racks - they may be located in the archive department or assembled next to the work desks of employees. This option is convenient for human resources, accounting, sales and other departments, which work with the large volumes of documents. You will not have to regularly go to the archive and search the shelves. The proper location on the racks allows accessing the necessary folders or items fast;
  • Archive shelving. Every enterprise must adhere to the terms of storage of some documents. This refers to accounting, human resources documents, and contacts. If the volume of documents is high, it is impossible to locate everything next to the work desks. Sooner or later this will lead to encumbering. The most reasonable approach would be to devote a special room equipped with metal racks. Maintaining a card index or proper accounting for documents, located in the archive, will help to avoid long search for the required paper;
  • Retail metal racks. Every shop, every retail outlet is interested in the full demonstration of the existing range, presenting it to the customer, simplifying the access and facilitating sales. Buying metal racks at Avtoprommarket company means significantly decrease the time for servicing each client. Trade show companies, museums, moving markets and other companies are also interested in these products;
  • Warehouse racks Warehouses are an integral part of our lives. The shops store minimal stock of goods necessary to support the trade there. Large producers cannot supply the goods directly to small and medium sellers. They sell the products to large wholesale enterprises that have large warehouses.

The question of storage is as acute as never. The significant part of the warehouses are the universal ones. Food, household appliances, and everyday products can be stored there. Depending on the requirements there must be a possibility to reorganize the space fast, which is easy when buying metal racks for storing existing goods.

The problem of storing various items at home, at the summer house or in a garage can also be acute. Domestic warehouse racks can also help in this case. It is possible to place tools, materials, gardening items and many other things on them.

Metal racks from Avtoprommarket company

Avtoprommarket company is ready to offer and supply as soon as possible the following types of products:

  • Universal metal racks. This option can be used as a cargo one, as an office one and as an archival one without modifications. You will not have to spend extra money for buying the necessary equipment;
  • Cargo metal racks allow locating the goods directly on pallets. You will save time on loading and unloading works. It is important in case the cargo is designated for future supply and will not be opened at the site;
  • Mobile warehouse racks. They can be used in the office, in archives, to set up temporary storage;
  • Automated systems that allow identifying goods at the warehouses and enterprises with wide product range;
  • Console racks systems allow storing pipes, boards, profiles and many other items;
  • Drive-in metal racks;
  • Gravity-flow warehouse racks, simplifying the location of goods of various dimensions. Instead of traditional guides, the special rolls, on which the pallets move, are connected to the shelves. The shelves themselves are located with an incline and the cargoes move due to their own weight. In this case, the lot that arrived earlier is supplied first. It is convenient in the cases when the goods have limited shelf life and it is important to avoid expiration. The automatic separator ensures that the pallets do not collide.

Special offers for Avtoprommarket company

Our experts on racks structures can advise you on the full range of products and their prices in the Avtoprommarket company. The design of the warehouse or retail racks will be developed for you. To contact our experts, simply dial 8(800)250-10-77 or leave a request on our website.

You will be surprised by flexible prices and a wide range of the offered products. We will not simply offer you to buy metal racks for the warehouse, service room or shop but will help to choose the optimum system depending on the stored goods, enterprise specifics, room dimensions, the height of the ceiling and other equally important parameters.

Avtoprommarket company does not strive to buy a metal rack as soon as possible to anyone visiting the website. The goal of the employees is to organize the warehouse or archive of the client in the most convenient and optimal way. You will get the system that fully corresponds to your needs, allowing to minimize the manual labor, decrease the number of goods iterations at the warehouse, locate the products so that there are no forgotten goods and there is no need to search for the needed pallet for hours.

The commercial offer to each client is made only after the expert visits the location and reviews the room designated for storing the goods. In every case, a separate project is developed which is reconciled with the client. Only, in this case, the purchase of the metal racks for the warehouse becomes mutually beneficial.


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