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Stackers and lift trucks for narrow aisles

The development of the modern warehouses is connected with the search for the most optimal and efficient solutions for denser storage of goods. Each warehouse has its own conditions regarding the lifting equipment, therefore the technological capacity of the warehouse equipment supplier should be considered taking into account the volume and planning features of the room.

A universal solution is the use of modern stackers for narrow aisles. This equipment provides unique opportunities to the customer; these stackers will correspond in the best way to all conditions of working on the territory of the warehouse with limited width of aisles between the racks. On average, the stacker for narrow aisles can lift the goods to the height up to 14 meters, while its carrying capacity can reach up to 2 tons. The operator's cab moves together with the for so that the worker can perfectly see where to put the goods. The main distinctive features of the stacker for narrow aisles are:

  • The module construction of the vehicle, which provides the best compliance of the device with the specifics of the goods and the warehouse itself;
  • The modern technology of the mast construction;
  • Unique control system;
  • Enhanced level of safety both for the operator and for people around;
  • High carrying capacity;
  • Excellent level of efficiency.

The specifics and main features of the warehouse lift truck

The mast for lifting the goods is very rigid and is equipped with the special stabilizing system of the whole vehicle when the goods are lifted to the significant height. Each section of the mast has a durable construction, while reliable and stable connections of the device do not require additional configuration before the start of operations.

The type of mast is selected according to the lifting height and the carrying capacity required by the customer. It is worth mentioning that there are special triplex masts that perfectly suit the warehouses with narrow aisles. There is also a manipulator with the telescopic fork. The lift truck for narrow aisles is equipped with smooth cab descending in a case of the emergency power outrage.

The modern stackers for narrow aisles are equipped with the sensitive control system with smooth hydraulic features. It ensured dampening of the extreme locations of goods and optimizes the equipment performance. When the cab with the operator is descending, up to 15% of the energy consumed returns to the battery.

Fork of stackers for narrow aisles can be manufactured in various modifications. They allow using the height of the warehouse more efficiently y picking up the goods from the floor and also provide the possibility of selecting the goods lifting height in an optimal way.

The capturing efficiency also increased due to merging the functions of shifting and turning grips. Suck innovation as the synchronized turn allows the operator to take the goods from the racks both from the left and from the right not changing the position of the grip.  In addition, the warehouse lift truck is equipped with the electric dampening system of disparities that can appear during the work of the cab lift and grip, when the goods are lifted or lowered. The cargo card was set by the weight in the most optimal way to improve the power balance, while the cables made of the special rubber allow making the device narrower and shorter to make it more compact.

The cab of the lift truck for narrow aisles is equipped with the additional protection from vibration, a wide entrance, low base, while the extended mast width somewhat expands it from the inside, which provides some extra comfort and space for the employee. There are three module types of the cab equipment, the universal one, the standard one, and the extra comfortable one. The worker's seat can be folded. The ergonomic and compact control panel of the lift truck for narrow aisles is located on the regulated console. It is equipped with a small display with all necessary information.

The advantages and applications of the stackers for narrow aisles

The main advantage of this equipment is the possibility to use it in the warehouses with narrow aisles, where the distance between the racks is only 1.5 meters. This can be achieved thanks to the auxiliary mechanism for turning and moving the fork, as the device does not need to move to place the goods on the pallet, the special turning fork makes this work on its own. Worth mentioning that the price of the lift truck for narrow aisles is somewhat higher than that of the other models, however, this device pays back very fast. The device allows significantly expanding the efficient area of the warehouse due to using narrow passages between the racks.

Everyone knows that the higher one needs to lift the goods, the smaller will be the residual carrying capacity of the stacker for narrow aisles. For example, if the model is capable of lifting up to 2000 kg, this indicator is only 1000 kg at the height of 5 meters. Otherwise, the equipment may simply overturn as the weight of goods will exceed the total weight of the device. Nevertheless, the modern warehouse lift trucks could successfully get rid of this problem thanks to using articulated hydraulic supports for stabilizing. The steadily expand when the goods are lifted.

There is also another important feature definitely worth highlighting.  It is the initial stage of lifting the bottom consoles or fork. This function is very convenient and useful if it is necessary to move to pallets simultaneously or increase the clearance of the device, which allows passing over significant obstacles, small boundaries, and uneven areas.

When choosing the suitable model of the lift truck for narrow aisles, it is necessary to pay separate attention to the running gear of the device, in particular, to the wheels supports and brackets. Very often the producers do not take into account the possibility of using the equipment in the warehouses with uneven floors. As a result, you may face serious problems with operating the lift truck for narrow aisles and constant device damages.

Many modern models of lift trucks for narrow aisles allow ensuring constant and uninterrupted work of the warehouse as they almost do not need the constant maintenance, check-ups, and repairs. In addition, the assembly points of the vehicle are made of wear-resistant materials, which definitely affects the lifetime of the equipment positively.  Some models of the warehouse lift trucks may have special computer systems, connected to all elements of the device, therefore any malfunctioning or delay in the equipment operation will be immediately recorded in the special journal. Based on the information from this sensor it is possible to determine the damage and eliminate it fast.

Where to buy the lift truck for narrow aisles with three-side processing

If you need to buy a high-quality and reliable lift truck, your best decision is to contact Avtoprommarket company. We have a wide range of different models, including stackers for narrow aisles. Our experts will provide you the detailed description of any equipment you may be interested in so that you can choose the device that will suit your requirements to the greatest extent. Moreover, we provide warranty services and further maintenance and repairs of any warehouse equipment of any complexity.


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