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Electric forklift truck

Modern electric lift trucks are the special equipment used when working with various types of goods. In particular, it stacks them in piles at the warehouses.

Considering to buy an electric lift truck you should evaluate all pros and cons of the different types of equipment. Naturally, the more expensive lift trucks can be more functional and vice versa. However, this is not always the case. Many things depend on the brand. A cheaper electric lift truck may be manufactured in China. This equipment along with European devices is widely presented in the catalog of our website. Thus, with the same integration and similar technical features, a Chinese electric forklift truck will be several dozen percents cheaper. Are these savings justified?

Having significant experience in selling the equipment from PRC, we can be safe to claim that the price for Chinese electric lift trucks is lower than their quality. That is, nowadays it is possible to buy efficient and reliable equipment inexpensively. And if you are searching for a good electric fork lift in Yekaterinburg, we will definitely help you to solve this task in an optimal way. Have a look at the equipment catalog, in which you can find out about the descriptions and specifics of the most popular devices.

Electric lift truck of M series is characterized by high efficiency and ergonomic design. It also differs from the competing models by the ease of use, safety and high power saving features. Such equipment as electric lift truck can perfectly perform both loading and unloading works and stack piling at the limited area sites.

Reliability and safety of electric lift trucks

Due to the location of the battery department in the bottom part, the center of gravity of the electric lift truck changes. It is a successful solution that allows stabilizing the device position. As a result, the stability of the electric lift truck when working with good at the altitude is improving. The construction of the frame is developed with the use of the most advanced technologies, which makes the allocation of load to the device's axes more precise. This factor is very important for ensuring the safety and stability during the work of the electric lift truck.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the electric lift truck is made of metal pipes and flexible hoses. The correct combination of them decreases pressure losses, which makes working with goods less energy consuming.  The use of components made in Japan in the hydraulic system of the electric lift truck guarantees reaching absolute reliability of the system on the whole.

Electric system

These electric lift trucks are able to compete with other types of goods transporting devices in terms of dynamics, maneuverability and efficiency. The key to success are the reliable electric controllers made in Italy (ZAPI) and Sweden (DANAHER). The composition of the electric system of the lift truck includes water-proof components and thermal fuses, which ensure safety and reliability of the electric system of the electric lift truck.


Thanks to the easy access to the constituents of the hydraulic system, engines, and transmission, the maintenance time of the electric lift truck significantly decreases. The device is equipped with asynchronous power units. As these alternating current engines do not require constant maintenance, it decreases the cost of ownership of the electric lift truck. 

Using these electric lift trucks with the industrial purposes has several obvious advantages. We will list just a few of them.

If you plan to buy and electric lift truck, buying a lift truck is reasonable only after you make yourself acquainted with the information below.

The engine of this type of equipment works with the help of a traction battery. This advantage of electric lift trucks makes their lifetime independent of the battery lifetime.

The second benefit of electric lift truck follows from the first one: as it is easy to replace the battery, the time and monetary expenses of servicing the electric lift truck decrease.

Full compliance with the environmental standards and high level of safety is the third benefit of this type of lift trucks.  Buying a lift truck, you can always be sure that the works are made according to the world standard of environmental safety.

Finally, the last advantage of the electric lift truck is the low level of noise, which does not harm the people working with this equipment for a long time.

Classification of electric lift trucks

The main factor in the classification of electric lift trucks is the type of batteries they use. This means that the price of this type of equipment, namely, electric lift truck, increases depending on the power of the battery it is using. 

Acid storage and alkaline batteries are used when electric lift trucks are sold. The main difference is that acid storage batteries have the longer lifetime, therefore the cost of lift trucks with them is higher.

When searching for "buy a lift truck" or "sale of lift trucks" on the Internet, have a look at the offer of our company. Here you can easily find the special equipment you are interested in. These are electric lift trucks, diesel lift trucks, forklift trucks.

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