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Forklift trucks

The modern market of construction equipment offers the wide selection of forklift trucks that differ in terms of dimensions, purpose, and technical features. A forklift truck is the irreplaceable type of equipment used for performing various warehouse and rigging operations, transportation, loading and unloading of various goods. As any other equipment, forklift trucks can be classified into the several types that we will discuss below.

Diesel trucks

Diesel forklift trucks are one of the most widespread groups of equipment that can be used almost everywhere: Inside the warehouses and outside on the open sites. With the use of implements, these forklift trucks may turn into mini-excavators, mopping machines, snow-removal equipment etc.

The specific feature of this type of machines is the internal-combustion engine using the diesel fuel. The main specifics of these devices are effectiveness, high efficiency, lowered level of noise and vibrations. Many producers pay close attention to the environmental safety and do everything possible to reduce the level of toxicity during the work of a forklift truck.

Electric lift trucks

The main advantage of forklift trucks working on the battery is the ability to work inside the rooms, in the locations with not sufficient ventilation, at the food producing enterprises etc. Anywhere, where is the danger of harming the health of people or compromising the storage conditions of one or another group of goods, the forklift trucks equipped with electric engines can be successfully employed.

Petrol and gas-petrol lift trucks

Petroleum engines of the forklift trucks provide the vehicles with additional power, velocity and expand the range of possibilities for the large volume of works. In order to enhance the efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption, the units of this type are equipped with additional gas equipment for the internal-combustion engine. As a result, the effectiveness increases maintaining the efficiency, the atmospheric pollution decreases, the working and maintenance-free time of the equipment rises.

Besides the type of engine, the forklift trucks can be classified according to the following features:

  • Type of tires;
  • Stackers - the devices for lifting cargoes using the muscle force of the operator;
  • Tthe location of the gripping and lifting mechanism;
  • Other distinctive features that can characterize one or another model when the various implements are used.

Application areas of the forklift trucks

Forklift trucks are used both for working inside the rooms, warehouses, hangars, terminals, supermarkets, and bases and for working in the open space.

The wide range of functional capabilities of the equipment make it popular and demanded by different companies, the activity of which is associated with accumulating, storing, transporting, loading and unloading different types of products and ready for sale goods.

The main advantages of forklift trucks are their compact size and maneuverability. The small dimensions allow working in the narrow warehouse conditions, placing the goods at the maximum height. The universal wheelbase and efficient control provide the equipment of this type with the ability to move fast between the racks along the narrow aisles of the limited space.

The original location of the lifting mechanism ensures the possibility to grip heavy bulky cargoes with the fork inside the warehouse or on the open site.

Using forklift trucks at the warehouses and enterprises significantly simplifies the work of employees and increases:

  • The efficiency coefficient;
  • The productivity per unit of time;
  • The speed of completing the tasks.

The costs of servicing the cargoes decrease, in particular, due to more compact location of them on the racks.

Buying a forklift truck for increasing the efficiency and labor productivity and reducing the expenses is the right choice of experienced managers capable of structuring the production process in an optimal way.

How to choose a forklift truck

Buying a lift truck is a rather complex task that has several specifics. The devices of this group are characterized by extended functional capabilities. These are the multipurpose units capable of performing very specific tasks at the warehouses, both inside and outside the rooms. Different from stackers and other similar devices, forklift trucks are efficient and functional vehicles, equipped with everything needed for lifting and transporting goods and performing numerous auxiliary tasks.

After deciding to buy a forklift truck in Avtoprommarket company, one should define the volume of works and the variety of tasks planned to be accomplished with this mechanical device, equipped with the lifting mechanism.

In order to choose the forklift truck correctly, one should correctly select the carrying capacity of the vehicle and evaluate several features altogether. The main selection criteria are:

  • The limit level of carrying capacity for performing one or another task. This feature is very important as it largely defines the price of the equipment;
  • The working lifetime of one or another forklift truck;
  • The type of the power unit used in this model;
  • The safety and comfort level of operating the unit;
  • The level of extra fitting, use of additional equipment, the specifics of the main volume of operations and their particular types;
  • The type of the vehicle transmission. The manufacturers offer various options: manual, hydrodynamic and hydrostatic transmission;
  • The type of tires of the forklift truck, as well as some other additional conditions and requirements.

Lift trucks made in Russia

The contemporary market of the forklift trucks is far from being saturated. Based on the estimates of the experts the need for the equipment is satisfied by not more than 5%. Russian lift trucks are more and more actively produced by the domestic enterprises are popular and demanded. The benefits of Russian lift trucks are their relatively low price, lower operation, maintenance and repairs costs. Several enterprises manufacturing this popular and demanded equipment, namely, forklift trucks made in Russia, are constantly improving their model, work on the advancement of technological features, operational capabilities, comfort and universality of the equipment.

Every forklift truck made in Russia is the opportunity to equip your production facility with inexpensive and rather efficient devices. The avtoprommarket company is ready to offer Russian forklift trucks made at the enterprises of Saint-Petersburg, Vladimir, Nizhni Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Tver. The enterprises are the most advanced, high-tech production departments, equipped with all necessary devices and high-qualified staff. The products of the plants are highly demanded and characterized by the simplicity of the construction, unpretentiousness, and high operational indicators.

Lift trucks made in China

Lift trucks made in China are used by numerous consumers, who choose the optimal price-quality ratio. Chinese equipment gained sufficient reliability long time ago, increased the lifetime and expanded the application opportunities. Nowadays there are approximately 2 dozens of successful enterprises in China that manufacture forklift trucks, popular and demanded in many countries.

Forklift trucks in China are the devices that are constantly being advanced, improved and modernized. The manufacturers introduce changes and innovations into the construction of one or another model incredibly fast, expand the functional capabilities and lower the operational expenses. Maybe nowadays China lift trucks are not among the global leaders in the manufacturing of this equipment, demanded in many technological areas, there is some certainty that very soon exactly this country will become a trendsetter in this area.

Buy forklift trucks at Avtoprommarket company

Buying a forklift truck in Avtoprommarket company is the right choice. We supply ready to sell good from the company's warehouse, make pre-delivery inspection and offer our clients the widest range of the best samples for any situation. We offer forklift trucks directly from the manufacturers, which allows reducing the price of the equipment and make it more affordable for the wide range of users.

Implements, their types and work principle

The equipment of a forklift truck with implements allows significantly expanding the opportunities of using the device, combining fulfillment of different tasks in one device and save the fund to develop the business. The most popular types of implements for using with forklift trucks are:

  • Fork (including telescopic one), extended frames;
  • Grips and pushing devices;
  • Scoops with different shapes and volumes;
  • Devices for cleaning the roads, streets and removing snow from the sire;
  • Positioners etc.

A forklift truck is a modern approach to performing various tasks. Ensures the efficiency and decrease of costs of servicing the cargoes and improves the working conditions. Avtoprommarket company offers the best selection of the modern high-tech equipment for affordable prices from the manufacturer!

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