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Купить технику и оборудование для склада в компании «Автопроммаркет» – значит, отдать предпочтение высококлассному обслуживанию, профессионализму, эффективности.

В составе предприятия работает сервисный центр, при необходимости машины комплектуются необходимыми запасными частями. Если вы не нашли подходящий автопогрузчик, купить его можно по предварительному заказу. Таким образом, мы удовлетворяем 100% потребностей каждого из клиентов. Что касается стоимости, то актуальная цена на погрузчики в Екатеринбурге может быть получена вами по запросу или при помощи сайта.

Последние новости

Avtoprommarket group of companies is not just an enterprise supplying the equipment and machinery for warehouse and production, but a whole team of highly qualified experts and professionals who are always ready to offer the most profitable solution based on many years of successful work experience.

Our employees always approach a problem in a holistic way, dealing with the overall situation and not only with the area they are interested in. For example, ordering the warehouse equipment in our company you do not have to search for a subcontractor for on-site measurements, project calculations and assembly of the supplied products - we can do it all! Moreover, we can advise the equipment that will be the most efficient in processing the cargoes on the installed equipment.

Avtoprommarket is the reliable partner for the following companies:

We believe that we are not simply selling warehouse equipment and machinery but provide the solution for the warehouse logistics problems and our partners obtain the maximum benefit by cooperating with our company

Warehouse and weight-handling equipment

Avtoprommarket group of companies supplies numerous types of warehouse equipment and machinery, which can be divided into several categories that include subcategories of equipment and machinery:

Forklift trucks - the popular warehouse equipment dealing with loading and unloading works. This type of equipment is represented by the following groups:

Warehouse equipment includes numerous types of equipment used at the warehouse for picking and assembling orders as well as for loading and unloading works:

Metal racks are the facilities for equipping a warehouse or a store with convenient areas for storing goods and cargoes, both on pallets and in boxes and in pieces, in a showcase way:

Automated warehouses MODULA manufactured by "SYSTEM" plant (Italy) provide the unique opportunity for space-saving storage of small piece goods with the possibility to access and good in a fast way and strict accounting for the stored products, at the same time reducing the labor costs and time for processing and assembling the orders; the following categories are available:

The system of stock management MODULA WMS is supplied together with the automated warehouses.

Docking equipment is the whole range of different types of reloading equipment that allows optimizing the warehouse logistics, making the loading and unloading works at the warehouse easier:

Automatic gates is an important element of both a private house and an enterprise warehouse. The fitting out of a territory around the house or a garage definitely includes the gates. While for the proper operation of a warehouse, automatic gates are a must. Avtoprommarket supplies the following types of automatic gates at affordable prices:

Cleaning equipment and chemicals specialized professional equipment for cleaning any room. Numerous cleaning companies work with us buying the required cleaning equipment and chemicals:

Avtoprommarket performs the tasks of any level of complexity

The activity areas of Avtoprommarket group of companies are very diverse. We have our own production facility and are the official distributor of the following brands:

Maintenance and repairs of warehouse equipment and machinery

Besides the distribution of equipment and machinery, we offer you the warranty and maintenance services for the warehouse equipment and machinery. Our experts are trained by the manufacturers of the proposed products and continuously expand their knowledge about repairs and service maintenance of the devices. The largest part of repair works and service maintenance is made by the experts of the field service team at your premises.

Spare parts and components for the special equipment

Spare parts for forklift trucks and other special equipment ae available both at Avtoprommarket warehouse and per order. We supply the spare parts for forklift trucks and other equipment as soon as possible. You can also order spare parts together with service works and get a discount for the repairs. Here is the list of categories of the proposed products:

In-house production

Avtoprommarket group of companies manufactures the following devices:

You can learn more about the supplied products in the "Production" and "Catalog" sections or consult an expert using the international phone number 8-800-250-10-77 (toll-free in Russia). We continuously expand our production, strive to go with the times and supply our partners only high-quality and reliable goods that passed all required tests.

Logistics design

In other words, it is the analysis and calculation of the warehouse logistics and development of the logistic project in several stages. Only a few companies are able to offer this service. Avtoprommarket group of companies offers the development of the project of your warehouse logistics to optimize the costs and increase the profits of the enterprise. All wok conditions and stages of the project development starting from the audit and finishing with the introduction of the project are discussed individually during the private meeting with the head of the division. Summarizing, one can be said: by contacting our company you receive the best service and advisory with a guarantee, purchase the required equipment and machinery and will solve all problems with the equipment and operation of your warehouse.

We work for your success!

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